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Stimulants. Sometimes you just don’t want them. For whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter. However, you still want the focus and the drive which is undeniable. We all know they aren’t needed, which is why we created Hooligan Bare Knuckle. It’s the NEW KING OF NON-STIMULANT NITRATE LOADED PRE-WORKOUTS WITHOUT QUESTION.


  • Stimulant Free & Loaded with Nitrates †
  • Jam-packed with Nootropic for Focus†
  • Maximizes power and strength.†
  • Induces Roadmap Vascularity†
  • Zero fillers.†
  • 100% Transparent Label.


Each massive tub of Apollon Nutrition Hooligan Bare Knuckle provides you with either 40 or 20 servings – depending on how strong you want your pre-workout to be. You can mix it with 1/2 serving of OG Stimulant Hooligan or double up for a non-stimulant flexapalooza pump orgy. Basically strong or STRONG AF WITHOUT STIMULANTS. That being said, you should proceed with caution when using our new and improved formula. Bare Knuckle is not your average pre-workout powder – IT WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE WITH POTENCY.  

While one scoop is the recommended serving size due to the potency, it would be wise to start with half a scoop to assess your individual tolerance. Maybe even less if you've taken some weak garbage from "legacy brands."  You may be thinking to yourself, "Eh, I can start with the full serving – I can handle it.” 

That is until this demanding pre-workout kicks in and says "LET'S GO MOTHERF$%^ER!  Again, heed our warning.  The profile found in this pre-workout is formulated for extreme potency and the "if a little is good, then more is better” way of thinking is not advised with this pre-workout powder EVEN THOUGH IT’S STIMULANT FREE.

As mentioned above, the precise mix of ingredients found in this pre-workout powder is what increases the strength and gives you the non-stimulant EDGE to crush anything you want to in the gym. This unique array of  ingredients work together to enhance the overall effect felt during your intense workouts. In fact, they may scare you and ALL WITHOUT STIMULANTS! 

Are you still interested? Then step up and mix it up. The all new Hooligan Bare Knuckle is HERE. We didn't compromise and we're here to DOMINATE. 

Squeezed into this 24g maximum serving are the pump enhancers 2.5g of betaine, 8g of pure citrulline, 1.5g of agmatine, and 3 grams of Arginine Nitrates. Then for mental focus, you get a solid 2g of tyrosine, a hefty one gram of lion’s mane, 600mg of alpha-gpc, Himalayan pink salt for hydration, and finally, 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption.

As far as pump and stimulant-free pre-workouts go, Apollon Nutrition’s Bare Knuckle is packed. Many of its ingredients and dosages are much higher than the average competitor, even compared to stimulant pre-workouts, especially with that 8g of citrulline, a gram of lion’s mane, and 2g of tyrosine.

  • L-Citrulline (8,000mg)

Citrulline is the precursor to L-Arginine in the body, which in turn increases nitric oxide levels. 

  • Beta Alanine (3,200mg)

Creates that 'tingling' feeling we all love. Aids in muscular endurance overtime as well.

  • Betaine Anhydrous (2,500mg)

Betaine Anhydrous aids in strength and power output. This ingredient acts as an osmolyte, meaning it facilitates the transport of cells. This means "fuller" pumps at the gym.

  • L-Tyrosine (2,000mg)

Tyrosine can aid with improve clarity and focus. This improves your mind-muscle connection. This also increases dopamine release which leads to an improved mood in the gym.

  • Agmatine Sulfate (1,500mg)

Agmatine Sulfate can serve two very important purposes. Agmatine Sulfate can actually help improve focus and mental clarity. Agmatine can also inhibit the enzymes that regulate nitric oxide production in your blood. This means more pumps and longer than without it.

  • Lion’s Mane Extract (1,000mg)

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that helps with focus. 

  • Arginine Nitrates (3000mg)

Arginine nitrate is a salt which is synthesized from adding nitric acid to arginine. The resulting salt is an ionically bound negatively charged NO3- ion with a positively charged arginine ion. Mathematically, nitrates comprise 26.2% of the total weight of arginine nitrate, with arginine comprising the remaining 73.8%. That means for every gram of arginine nitrate you consume, you are getting 262mg of nitrate and 738mg of arginine.

  • Alpha-GPC 50% (600mg)

Alpha-GPC is a choline molecule that may improvememory, focus and clarity. It is important to know what the yield of this ingredient in. Optimal dosage is 600mg, that we have here. Alpha-GPC at 600mg at a 50% yield gives you300mg active Alpha-GPC. 

  • Himalayan Pink Salt (300mg)

his amount is going to aid in hydration and a slight increase in pump with improved water stores.

  • AstraGin (50mg)

AstraGin is becoming the most popular absorption agent. This is used to ensure that the ingredients listed above are actually going to work for you.

How Do I Use Bare Knuckle?

Take 1-2 scoops pre-workout. You can stack this with your favorite stim pre-workout.

Is This For Me?

This may be for you if you are looking to take a break from stimulants in your pre-workout.

This may also be for you if you need a great pump product to stack with your stim pre-workout.