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Product Details Brand: Apollon Nutrition Goal: Improve Mood & Focus Main Ingredient: Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf Extract (as CellFlo6™) - 600mg Form: Capsules Servings Per Container: 20 Serving Size: 3 Capsules
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  • Supports Vascular Health & Healthy Circulation
  • Enhanced Memory & Learning
  • Neurogenesis & Longevity

Oroxylin A (as Sabroxy®) is (arguably) the key ingredient in Apollon's Mind Games. It has been shown to improve the neural health by protecting nerves from chemical damage and by improving the levels of BDNF. The reduced damage and improved health of neural system leads to healthier cognition. Studies suggest its implication in age related continues degradation and subsequent loss of neurons leading to loss of general functions (cognition, memory etc.,) of nervous system. The rate of dementia is increasing globally and nootropics with proven efficacy in helping brain function like Sabroxy® are needed more than ever. Mind Games contains a generously-dosed 500mg of Sabroxy® per serving.

Benefits of Sabroxy®:
  • Helping to maintain neurological health*
  • Promoting healthy nerve functions*
  • Supporting cognitive functions*
  • Helping to improve memory*


Mind Games are typically thought of as a type of psy ops mired in passive aggressive, manipulative one-upmanship, with the goal being to make the target feel weak or inferior. We said “F*** THAT!” and created a product that subverts expectations. Apollon Nutrition MIND GAMES is the cognitive solution to every crazy bitch you’ve ever encountered. We’ve brought together three ultra-premium ingredients to ignite creativity, sharpen acuity, and unleash your inner mental master!



  • Stimulant-free energy & focus
  • Supports vascular health & healthy circulation
  • Enhanced memory & learning
  • Boosts neurogenesis & longevity




Apollon Nutrition were the industry leaders in bringing CellFlo6 to the U.S. market, including it in our premium pre workout pump capsules -- Bloody Hell.

CellFlo6 is a remarkable green tea extract created using a double-extraction process that is standardized for specific galloylated procyanidins (flavonoids formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules). These procyanidins are believed to exhibit endothelium-dependent relaxation (EDR) activity via stimulation of endothelial nitric oxide.

This encourages vasodilation and vasorelaxation, which supplies greater blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to your body and mind.

Catechins present in green tea have the ability to cross the blood–brain barrier (BBB) may also benefit cognitive function and brain health. In fact, a recent 2022 meta-analysis on green tea catechins and brain function concluded: “Catechins appeared to have neuroprotective effects, as evident from both in vivo and in vitro studies…”[1]



AlphaSize is the leading branded form of Alpha-GPC on the market, supplied by ChemiNutra. Alpha-GPC provides a highly bioavailable of choline -- an essential nutrient for neurological development, cognitive function and cardiometabolic health.

Choline also serves as an essential building block for acetylcholine (the “learning neurotransmitter”) which is heavily involved with memory, learning (obviously), and the mind-muscle connection.

AlphaSize Alpha-GPC readily crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and has been shown to raise free plasma choline levels faster than other choline precursors. Supplementing with AlphaSize supports greater mental energy, tighter focus, sharper mental acuity, greater hand-eye coordination, and a stronger mind-muscle connection.

Additional studies also find that Alpha-GPC supplementation may boost workout performance by increasing lower body force production and bench pressing power.[2,3]



Sabroxy is an exciting, yet vastly underutilized, nootropic that’s just starting to gain footing in sports nutrition. It’s expensive (as are the other ingredients in MIND GAMES, which is why you don’t see them used at these dosages hardly ever), but we’re committed to bringing you the most innovative and effective products possible.

Sabroxy is a premium extract of Oroxylum indicum (Indian Trumpet Tree), which is standardized to contain:

  • 10% oroxylin-A
  • 15% baicalein
  • 6% chrysin

Oroxylin-A (one of the main actives in Sabroxy) has been found to inhibit dopamine reuptake as well as antagonize the GABA-A receptor -- GABA is the body’s primary inhibitory (“downer”) neurotransmitter. This ultimately promotes greater feelings of alertness and wakefulness.

Sabroxy® supplementation has also been found to offer significant improvements in the areas of[4]:

  • Episodic memory
  • Immediate word recall
  • Numeric working memory
  • Faster rate of learning

Additionally, researchers noted that Sabroxy® supplementation increased BDNF levels in the serum by 27.13%, compared to 22.6% in placebo. BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is a protein in the brain that is involved in the growth, development, and maintenance of neurons as well as plastic changes related to learning and memory.[4]



Consume one serving (3 capsules) one time per day.

MIND GAMES is stimulant-free and can be taken anytime of day. However, due to the potency of the nootropics contained in MIND GAMES, some individuals may experience difficulty sleeping.



MIND GAMES makes a great standalone, stimulant-free nootropic/productivity supplement as well as a pre workout supplement. It may also be stacked with the following Apollon Nutrition supplements, including:

  • Bare Knuckle
  • R-600
  • BloodSport
  • Hooligan Youngblood
  • Hooligan
  • Black Tulip
  • Chaos
  • Shogun
  • Molotov


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