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Product Details Brand: Apollon Nutrition Goal: Burn Fat Main Ingredient: Lose Fat Form: Capsules Servings Per Container: 30 Serving Size: 4 Capsules Non-stim Fat Burner & Powerful Thermogenic Intense thermogenic* Stimulant-free* Optimize metabolism* Aid body recomposition* Zero fillers 100% transparent label
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Few things in life deliver the sense of impending doom or infernal damnation like a molotov cocktail.

A few simple ingredients, and you’ve got the makings of true terror.

We’ve taken that same approach and mindset to MOLOTOV.

MOLOTOV contains a seemingly simple, yet extremely potent, combination of ingredients to increase white-to-brown adipose tissue conversion, enhance energy expenditure, and (of course) ratchet up thermogenesis, ultimately helping you burn body fat.

The “trick” was to accomplish these goals without relying on a suspect blend of questionable stimulants, which is what most fat burners on the market do.

The end result is white-hot amalgamation of high-potency, non-stimulant ingredients to ignite the body’s metabolism into a full-blown inferno.

MOLOTOV embodies everything you’d expect (and more) -- intense thermogenic power to help influence the pathways involved in lipolysis, beta-oxidation, and energy expenditure.

Truth to our ethos, we’ve spared no expense in creating MOLOTOV as it’s packed with premium, branded-ingredients, including MitoBurn, Paradoxine, and CapsiMax alongside proven commodities in 2,000mg Acetyl L-Carnitine and 50mg GBB.

MOLOTOV contains no caffeine and can be used standalone or stacked with CHAOS for a powerful 1-2 lipolyptic, thermogenic punch that will have fat feeling the burn!

Intense thermogenic*Stimulant-free*Optimize metabolism*Aid body recomposition*Zero fillers100% transparent label

Apollon Nutrition Molotov Fat Burner 

  • Capsimax (100mg)

This is a concentrated extract of capsaicinoids from cayenne peppers. These capsaicinoids aid in weight loss.

  • Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCl (GBB) (50mg)

GBB has been proported to raise levels of carnitine. Carnitine is needed to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells to be oxidized for energy production.

  • MitoBurn (500mg)

The effects of MitoBurn™ are based around metabolic changes in the liver and in fatty tissue. 

  • ALCAR (2000mg)

Increases levels of carnitine in the body. Carnitine is needed to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells to be oxidized for energy production.

  • Paradoxine Grains of Paradise (225mg)

Grains of Paradise aids in weight loss through mobilizing brown fat. Brown fat is a stubborn type of adipose tissue we have for thermoregulation. 


Have you already given up or have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions? Millions upon millions have “resolve” themselves to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight. But, if the population’s track record holds true, a very large percentage of those New Year’s resolutioners will quit within a few weeks.

Seeing as the Apollon Arsenal isn’t your average fitness wannabe (we actually live and breathe the fitness lifestyle), we wanted to create a product to help you torch fat and blaze through calories this New Year.

Molotov is a searing powerhouse of a non-stimulant thermogenic to help ignite metabolism, aid fat burning, and make your weight loss goals easier than ever!

Here’s a closer look at the raging inferno that is Molotov!


Carnitine is a compound naturally produced by the body that plays an essential role in energy metabolism. More specifically, carnitine is required for your body to burn fat for energy. 

You see, long chain fatty acids can’t enter the mitochondria (the “nuclear reactor” of each cell) on their own. They require a “taxi” of sorts to help shuttle it into the cell. That intracellular taxi is none other than carnitine. Carnitine supplements have been around for years and years, and are most frequently sold in the form of L-Carnitine.

The “problem” with L-Carnitine supplements is that they aren’t all that bioavailable for the average individual (e.g. people who consume an otherwise healthy diet of meat, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.).

However, acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR) is an “enhanced” form of carnitine that has been found to be efficiently absorbed in individuals and it also has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, which means ALCAR also offers cognitive benefits.

Supplementation with ALCAR has been found to help reduce physical and mental fatigue as well as improve both cognitive status and physical functions.[1] Additional studies indicate that ALCAR can improve energy status, decrease oxidative stress, and enhance signaling of the “learning” neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.[2] 

In other words, ALCAR not only supports greater energy levels and fat burning, but also aids memory, focus, and learning!


MitoBurn is one of the hottest new ingredients in the realm of non-stim weight loss aids. Developed by NNB Nutrition, MitoBurn is a supplemental form of Beta-Aminoisobutyric Acid (BAIBA).

BAIBA is a molecule naturally produced by the body during exercise and has been found in research to help regulate carbohydrate and lipid (fat) metabolism.[3] Additional studies indicate that BAIBA may help[4,5,6]:

  • regulate the “browning” of adipose tissue browning
  • improve insulin sensitivity
  • Defend against high-fat diet-induced obesity

As if that wasn’t enough, L-BAIBA may also help regulate metabolism and increase energy expenditure.


Also featured in our best-selling stimulant-based fat burner, CHAOS, as well as our new limited-edition thermogenic pre-workout fat destroyer, BLACK TULIP, Paradoxine is the leading grains of paradise extract on the market.

Grains of Paradise is a pungent spice related to ginger that contains a bevy of bioactives, including:

  • 6-paradol
  • 6-gingerdione
  • 6-gingerol
  • 6-shogaol

This potent botanical has been found to stimulate brown fat thermogenesis, which subsequently helps burn glucose,fatty acids, and amino acids to generate heat and ramp up calorie burning. 

In fact, studies note that Grains of Paradise supplementation may increases energy expenditure up to 100 calories per day and decrease visceral fat levels.[7,8]

Grains of Paradise extracts have also been found to support healthy blood pressure and lipid profiles, too! 

Most recently, a study found that prolonged supplementation with grains of paradise extract boosts adaptive thermogenesis through the re-activation of brown fat, thereby helping reduce body fat in individuals who previously had “low” levels of brown fat.[9]


CapsiMax is another temperature-revving ingredient that’s a proven commodity in the realm of stim-free thermogenics. 

CapsiMax is a premium form of cayenne pepper extract, standardized for capsaicinoids -- the tongue-tingling compounds found in chili peppers. Capsaicinoids make you sweat and set your tastebuds ablaze.

Moreover, capsaicinoids have also been noted to regulate hunger and satiety. And, to top it off, capsaicinoids may help inhibit adipogenesis in pre-adipocytes (precursors to fat cells) and adipocytes. Activation of the TRPV-1 channels (which capsaicinoids stimulate) may prevent adipogenesis and improve visceral fat remodeling.

In other words, you want CapsiMax in your weight loss aid, stimulant-laden or not!

5. GBB (50MG)

Last, but not least, in this thermogenic cocktail is the “super carnitine” precursor -- GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine). 

GBB has been shown to significantly increase carnitine levels in humans, which supports the body’s ability to mobilize and burn fatty acids for energy (via increasing carnitine levels). It should also be noted that GBB, on its own, anecdotally produces a profound thermogenic effect. And, when stacked with all of the other ingredients in MOLOTOV, will deliver a thermogenic punch like no other!


Molotov is stimulant-free and can be used as a standalone product or stacked with CHAOS. Additionally, many individuals prefer to divide their supplements throughout the day and/or prefer less caffeine. Here is where MOLOTOV really shines! 

Individuals wanting to support fat burning at night as well as those looking for lower overall stimulant intake can use ½ serving of CHAOS in the morning and stack with ½ serving of MOLOTOV, or save their ½-1 serving of MOLTOV for later in the day when added appetite suppression and calorie burning support is desired.


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