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Natural Science Creation Enhanced Life Multi Vitamin (2 Bold & Delicious Flavors)

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Enhanced Absorption for Enhanced Results
Do you want better results? A healthier body? A stronger digestive system? A stronger immune system? Then we have the only vitamin you will ever need: Enhanced Life Vitamin.

This product is for any man, woman and child who doesn't have the ability to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet, or who consumes extra protein or carbohydrates on a daily basis. This product is for anyone who doesn't want to feel Sick and Tired on a daily basis.

Enhanced Life Vitamin is a cold processed, raw ingredient powdered Multi Vitamin with Amino Acids and live Digestive Enzymes. This unique product is a daily vitamin you can actually feel! More energy, more mental clarity, less gas and bloating, and better results from your diet and exercise!

ELV has 3 unique factors that make taking any other multi vitamin pill a waste of your time and money.

1. Fresh, Cold Processed Raw Ingredients: ELV uses only fresh ingredients, and Cold Processes them, this allows for the nutrients to remain intact so you get the benefit of eating the freshly picked, raw fruit or vegetable.

2. Live Enzyme Function: When you heat any food above 118 degrees you destroy the natural enzymes contained within the food. EVL is cold processed, so you absorb 9 essential enzymes, including those needed for absorbing protein, carbohydrates and fat. Without proper enzyme function your body is NOT absorbing all the nutrients you consume!

3. Powder form for Quick Absorption: In its powdered form, ELV can be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) or through your digestive system. Either way the ingredients are absorbed extremely quickly and efficiently, preventing the sick feeling often felt when consuming tablet or pill vitamins without enough food in your stomach.